Tuesday, January 24, 2012

34th Worldwide SketchCrawl Houston Style

We started off nice and early, for a Saturday, at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Once you enter the display area you are greeted by Mr. T Rex himself. I had put paint on a few pages of my sketchbook the night before so I just added the ink drawing on top. (Thanks Lisbon workshop "Lining Over Color")

In another part of the Museum is the Foucault Pendulum. It is hanging from a wire about 3 stories tall and swings around a sort of compass design set into the floor. Placed at even intervals around the circle on the floor are wooden pegs. As the pendulum swings it gets closer and closer to the pegs until it finally knocks one over. It takes 10 minutes after knocking down one peg until it hits another peg directly opposite it in the circle. It keeps people mesmerized long enough to catch them in a sketch. There is even a bench conveniently located nearby.
We took a break for lunch and then headed over to the Menil Collection designed by Renzo Piano. I really like their collection of  Africa, Oceania, and the Pacific Northwest Coast art. 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

34th International Sketchcrawl-Houston

Today was gray and rainy in Houston so four of us went to the Museum of Natural Science. Naturally we all made a try
at sketching a dinosaur. Later we visited the Menil collection and drew there as well. It was an enjoyable day!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Time goes by...in Enochs, Texas

ENOCHS, TEXAS is at the junction of State Highway 214 and Farm Road 54, three miles from the Cochran county line in southern Bailey County. It developed as a farming community and trading center beginning in the 1920s and reached a peak reported population of 250 in 1940, when it had five stores. In 1980 and 1990 its population was estimated at 164, and the town had several businesses and a post office. In 2000 the population was eighty with three remaining businesses.  This old garage and fillig station, was not among them.  It makes a great subject for a sketch of a time long past, though.  This sketch was done on location with a Micron 03..watercolor added later.

Monday, January 16, 2012

I just returned from my annual retreat at the Gethsemani monastery in rural Kentucky.  Nothing like a week of silence in the hills to put things in perspective.  The monastery was built by Trappist monks in 1847.  The look of the abbey church pictured here is the result of a renovation in the 1960s that kept the bones of the church intact but dramatically simplified its lines and overall spirit, in keeping with Trappist notions of simplicity. One of the crosses in the cemetery pictured is that of Thomas Merton, the Trappist monk who was a best selling author in the 1960s; any library or bookstore still has many of his books.  The day after this sketch was done, rain set in, followed by a howling snowstorm the next day.  My timing for sketching was fortunate.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Moveable Type Treat

Last night The Museum of Printing History, in Houston, hosted the Type Truck. I met my long-time designer friend Ping and her sister Jane at the museum for the presentation put on by Kyle about her project. She is traveling around the country printing in her truck. Check her website to see if she'll be near you. www.Type-Truck.com

Moveable Type is a mobile print shop built into the back of an old delivery truck. Within these tight quarters, Kyle created an efficient and fully functional shop, with a small table top press for printing smaller work, and a larger proof press, capable of printing larger posters.

Kyle Durrie is proprietor of Power and Light Press, a letterpress studio specializing in inappropriate greeting cards as well as posters, music packaging, and custom stationery.

As you can see from my sketch there was quite a line to go inside the truck and print a poster. We adjourned for Thai food to warm up.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year's Eve Eve

The evening before New Year's Eve, we went to my husband's old college buddie's house for a party. Aside from his regular job, D's friend is a musician, as are his grown kids. Everyone brought food to share, I contributed a cinnamon-y Peach Cobbler. After visiting (and eating) for a while Bruce, Bob, Emma and a couple other folks got out their guitars and started playing. This was my first time to pull out my sketching material at a party and just draw. I knew they would not think it to "out of the norm" for me to do such a thing. A couple of folks could actually sing quite well, and sang along.
This is a collage of 3 pages photoshop'd into one image of the evening. Happy Pre-New Year.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Paul's Lake@Muleshoe National Wildlife Refuge on a cold winter day!

Muleshoe National Wildlife Refuge is the oldest National Wildlife Refuge in the state of Texas, having been established in 1935. It is located about twenty miles south of Muleshoe, the seat of Bailey County. It is some fifteen miles north of Morton on Texas State Highway 214.
The refuge includes several intermittent salt lakes, some of which have been modified to extend their wet periods. Paul's Lake, on the east side of Highway 214, is spring fed, and hosts wildlife during times when the other lakes are dry.

The 5,000-acre refuge is a stop for migratory waterfowl flying between Canada and Mexico. If sufficient water is present, during the winter it hosts tens of thousands of sandhill cranes. The largest number of cranes ever recorded was 250,000, during February, 1981.
This sketch was done on location with pen and ink and watercolor in my 5 x 8 watercolor moleskine sketchbook.

Monday, January 2, 2012

First sketch of the new year!

Spent a few hours today in the northwest part of the Texas panhandle.  This is the first of a couple of sketches that I did on location at the Muleshoe National Wildlife Refuge.  The area is home to migrating sandhill cranes.  They begin arriving in december and will remain until March....then they begin their migration to their summer breeding grounds 2500 miles away in northern Canada.  Amazing and beautiful bird...not bad eatin' either!

SketchCrawl #34 - Houston

Mark your calendars for the first World Wide Sketch Crawl of the year 2012!
Saturday, Jan. 21.
Check in at the forum for World Wide SketchCrawl to help us pick a time and place to meet. http://www.sketchcrawl.com/forum (I am minigirl on the forum)
Hope to see all our Houston Area sketchers there!! Make sure to let us know you are coming and check the forum that morning in case of any change of plan.