Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Moveable Type Treat

Last night The Museum of Printing History, in Houston, hosted the Type Truck. I met my long-time designer friend Ping and her sister Jane at the museum for the presentation put on by Kyle about her project. She is traveling around the country printing in her truck. Check her website to see if she'll be near you.

Moveable Type is a mobile print shop built into the back of an old delivery truck. Within these tight quarters, Kyle created an efficient and fully functional shop, with a small table top press for printing smaller work, and a larger proof press, capable of printing larger posters.

Kyle Durrie is proprietor of Power and Light Press, a letterpress studio specializing in inappropriate greeting cards as well as posters, music packaging, and custom stationery.

As you can see from my sketch there was quite a line to go inside the truck and print a poster. We adjourned for Thai food to warm up.

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  1. Bravo Judith! I love your "activity sketches"..Theyre so lively! Great job on changing the blog flag also! I have a suggestion for the next one...a collage of judith dollar sketches!