Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year's Eve Eve

The evening before New Year's Eve, we went to my husband's old college buddie's house for a party. Aside from his regular job, D's friend is a musician, as are his grown kids. Everyone brought food to share, I contributed a cinnamon-y Peach Cobbler. After visiting (and eating) for a while Bruce, Bob, Emma and a couple other folks got out their guitars and started playing. This was my first time to pull out my sketching material at a party and just draw. I knew they would not think it to "out of the norm" for me to do such a thing. A couple of folks could actually sing quite well, and sang along.
This is a collage of 3 pages photoshop'd into one image of the evening. Happy Pre-New Year.


  1. Great sketches Judith!...and very brave to pull out the sketchbook at a party!

  2. Me singing or playing an instrument would be far more embarrassing.