Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Time goes Enochs, Texas

ENOCHS, TEXAS is at the junction of State Highway 214 and Farm Road 54, three miles from the Cochran county line in southern Bailey County. It developed as a farming community and trading center beginning in the 1920s and reached a peak reported population of 250 in 1940, when it had five stores. In 1980 and 1990 its population was estimated at 164, and the town had several businesses and a post office. In 2000 the population was eighty with three remaining businesses.  This old garage and fillig station, was not among them.  It makes a great subject for a sketch of a time long past, though.  This sketch was done on location with a Micron 03..watercolor added later.


  1. Great sketch and trees are masterful!

  2. Loving this old gas station! You really captured it! I was born in Deer Park and my folks still live in Angleton, south of Houston. Enjoying your blog! :) (No relation to James...)