Sunday, February 26, 2012

Smashes and Stripes

This is a collage of the past week. Note the camper on the truck. I had lunch with a bunch of friends last Sunday after church. As I was leaving the parking lot I noticed this truck. The camper is dented perfectly across the front. I don't imagine whatever they drove into looks much better. It is so neatly done it almost looks like it was designed to that shape. But sadly, no. A couple of days later as I waited for paperwork for a project to be dropped off this nice man in a striped shirt was sitting at the next table focused on his phone. I really like stripes, I can go back through old sketchbooks and they always show up in my favorite sketches.


  1. Great sketches Judith! I love the "dude" car!

  2. This may be my favorite "Judith" far! Love the colors, and especially love the lamp post. Great fun!