Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It was just a little building next to a grassy knoll

On my recent trip to Dallas, to participate in the Rock 'n'Roll Dallas Half Marathon, where I got my PR on this distance. Small chronicle here., I did this sketch from the Museum Store + cá fe across Houston Street, but curiously not draw the Little building ( Texas School Book Depositary in 1963), or the Grassy knoll, to the right of the image.
I found more interesting to draw the view that due to observe L H Oswald from the sixth floor window of the "little building", as well as the latest that would see JFK before his assassination, when his car was sent by Elm Street parallel to the  "grassy knoll" towards the tunnel under the tracks of the train.
The landscape has changed, the trees are much more leafy, and in 1963 neither the Reunion Tower (1978) nor the Hyatt Hotel (1978) they had built, but that is for the imagination. Even would have that see it in sepia color, which is how are most of the photos of that time.