Saturday, March 17, 2012

Meet Texas Sketcher: Tomas Soria

Hello, I am Tomas Soria, the new correspondent here at USK-Texas. I am from Madrid-Spain, living in Houston, TX  since Jan 2011. Is my second time in the States, the first one was a few years ago, in NewYork City, from 1991 to 1996.
I have worked many years in a Bank, so nothing to do with art.
I always wanted to do on-location sketching, but is now here ( I considerer myself a sketcher born Texan) when  I am drawing almost every day. I enjoy sketch everything, but people, trees ans cars are the more dificult to me, but I am still trying . I like to use  Ink, waterproof and non,  Pencil,Watercolor pan and pencil, and use all types of paper, but always travels with me a sketchbook and 0,1 and 0,3 Pigma MICRON.
My first contact with USK blog was surfing the net, two years ago, and since them I have entered regularly, enjoying every sketch, every style, every theme ( I was hooked without knowing it).
Since Nov 2011 I regularly hang sketches in my Flickr as well post  in my blog and participated in the Flickr groups : USK and USK Spain, and Facebook USK and USK Texas.
My other important hobby/Sport is Running, I am actually training for the Madrid Rock & Roll Marathon, in April 22.
I am looking foward to meeting all the others Texas sketchers some time soon.

Some of my tools


  1. We really need to have a get together of the Houston sketchers! I look forward to many interesting posts from you. Welcome to USkTX!

  2. Welcome Tomas! I look forward to seeing your corner of the world through your sketches.