Thursday, March 8, 2012

Right side of the tracks

Recently I went to a demo presentation for Adobe Muse.  It is software that makes it easy for designers and the non-html-y types to create websites. It was held in a studio space near downtown Houston. During the workshop break I scurried outside and made a quick sketch. Lucky me, a train traveling pretty slowly, came through while I was sketching. There are a few of these warehouse spaces in the area converted to studio space. I think it would make an interesting place for a sketch crawl. 


  1. betty, i'm going to place your blog in my sidebar - it's wonderful! and you're an urban sketcher! i only recently found out about the urban sketchers' blog and i love it so much... i'm really smiling here... : )

    consider your name placed in the hat, and thank you...


  2. That's a fun one, Judith...the guy in the sketch is a dead ringer for Gabi Campanario...

  3. It is the plaid shirt. I know I have a Gabi picture from Lisbon and he is wearing - plaid.