Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mrs. Kujawa's Paradise

I've had my eye on this little house nearby for a long time, but it's always been too hot to stop and sketch. Today was perfect. I had to edit for space and sanity. This yard contains an unbelievable amount of "yard art" or "garden junk". I couldn't fit it all in. She loves cows and chickens so there's lots of that. And also lots of "Texana". This lady obviously enjoys her garden as well. The flowers are all real and lovely. I wasn't there long before her live-in companion came out to check me out. Turns out there's a story here. Mrs. Kujawa is over 80 and in a struggle with relatives over the property. Her garden is her therapy. She invited me to come back and check out the back yard, which she says is "even better". Whoo boy!


  1. Look like a wonderfull place to sketch. May be the pictures is a little small, and can't see very well the details. Very good work.

  2. click on the picture and it blows up to a viewable size

  3. This picture "cracks me up" her yard has all the classics and you captured them well.