Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Live - Dead Music Capital Band

A recent weekend trip to the live music capital of Texas, Austin, to visit Mini Maker Faire.  The Maker Faire is a gathering of makers, everything from weaving, robotics, hackers, crafts, soldering projects, basically anything that you might find someone tinkering with in their shop. I liked the   large, adult-size rocking horses, that were styled more like the 4 horses of the Apocolyps, made by a woman that one day decided she wanted her own rocking horse. Then she made another, and then started to sell them. Of course we had to climb up and have a ride. I don't know why I didn't sketch them. This band marched into the faire and played for a good long while, the Dead Music Capital Band. They were scrungy, pale, bloody with ratty clothes.


  1. Great sketch of us! Any chance we can post this and a link on our website?

    1. Sure, no problem, we enjoyed it. Just give credit - thanks. Hope to catch you all again when in A.