Friday, May 4, 2012

The Texians

Here are some more Sketchcrawl pictures from the reenactment at San Jacinto. The Texians had a little camp set up at the far end of the "mall" from the monument in a spot just across the road from where the actual Texians camped. People who do these take them quite seriously and the costumes were impressive. The cannon in the vignette is one of the famous "twin sisters". Judith and I wandered around quite a while looking at the camps and the various activities people were engaged in for the amusement of visitors. In one spot the soldiers would lead a group of little boys marching them like soldiers to carry out the "execution" of a traitor. (only to reprieve him each time at the last minute) I was told that some of the group camped there the night before, which must have been very soggy with lots of mosquitoes. The only anachronism became apparent when you got onto the levee separating the park from the wildlife preserve: just over the heads of the Texians you could see the tops of the cargo ships as they glided up the Houston ship channel just behind the trees.

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