Saturday, May 26, 2012

Formal Application

These drawings come with a little story. It's been a busy month and try as I might, the closest I've come to location sketching is my own backyard. There is a little black-and-white cat who was adopted by my neighbor but she spends most of her time in my yard. She naps on my porch and my deck and drives my indoor cats crazy. She also hunts in my garden. Lately I've been finding little gifts waiting for me on the doormat. Earlier this week it was a mouse. I decided that this offering was a little crispy and rank to bring inside for sketching. The Katydid and the Monarch carcass, however, were perfect. I've started to joke that she is "formally applying" to be my cat. I'm almost afraid to see what I come home to next and she ramps up her campaign.

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