Thursday, September 27, 2012

This time they win

Will you see the back of people's heads every week for the rest of High School football season? It could happen. Our seats are kind of high up so getting any real detail of field action is not easy. Yes, we have season tickets to high school football. Do people in other places do that? I'm a little shy to go sketch under the stands. That seems to be where the real action is, at least if you are a kid or young teen. Anyway, seems when I am a captive audience at the game is almost my only sketching time lately.
REMINDER: World Wide SketchCrawl, Saturday, Oct. 13 Houston group is meeting downtown at Discovery Green 10 a.m. at the Lake House Waterside Cafe.


  1. Great sketch. I'm doing a lot of game sketching these days myself. I find that the refs, the coaches, the cheerleaders and the mascot make good subjects. Invariably if I start to sketch someone in the stands, some kid notices and blows my cover. UNDER the stands is a little scary.

  2. Boy,haven't been to HS game in a while, and this sure brings back the memories...I can almost smell the Frito Pie.