Monday, October 22, 2012

I See Angels, take two!

A film crew arrived at my studio Wednesday of last week to film seven demonstration videos that will accompany my upcoming book.  They wanted to film the creation of an on-location sketch, so I took them to downtown Fort Worth (5 minutes from my house) to produce a sketch of the Bass Performance Hall.  I had drawn the sketch once a week before for practice, so I felt comfortable jumping in for a second round with the cameras rolling. All went smoothly, other than honks and catcalls from passing cars, and some Fort Worth Symphony staffers coming around to determine what in the world we were doing outside their offices.  I drew for almost 40 minutes; it will be interesting to see how they edit it down to less than 10.


  1. That's a lot of pressure Jim! Pretty sure that I'd have "performance anxiety" with cameras rolling! Great sketch as always! You capture "life" like no one else! Can't wait for the book and the accompanying video...Keep having fun....