Monday, December 10, 2012

Drive-by sketching?

I've probably driven by Covenant Hospital 1000 times in my life, but this morning I had a few minutes to kill between meetings so I decided park into an adjacent parking lot and sketch it!  My goal was to capture the essence of an architecturally complicated hospital complex and to do it quickly.  I needed to decide what the iconic view of the hospital was, compose and simplify the sketch and then execute the sketch.  Beginning to end...55 minutes.  I'm not sure how successfully I accomplished my goal, but I sure had fun!  I'm trying to get better at seizing opportunities to hone my skills when they come along...


  1. Awesome, Tim! You took the familiar and made it new...and shared it with us to boot! Really "feels" like Lubbock...great work!

  2. I'm always envious when someone can reduce a very complicated subject so well. Great work.

  3. Thanks Jim! Your consistent encouragement is a blessing to me!
    Chris...simplifying doesn't come naturally for me! Tend to overdo! Thanks for your vote of support! Love your passion for sketching!(and your work)!

  4. Great post and good work..

    I really like this blog! :D