Monday, January 7, 2013

19th Street-Houston, Texas

In my ongoing quest to loosen up and make my sketches more spontaneous, I filled one of my waterbrushes with walnut ink. My intention was to use it with quick gesture drawings of people, but I've found it has other advantages as well. I didn't spend my teenaged years drawing racecars in the margins of my schoolwork, so drawing cars is a pain for me. To my delight, the walnut ink makes these cars at the 19th Street shopping district look pretty good. It also took some of the tightness out of the architecture and made me focus on values.


  1. Well done Chris! I really struggle with people and cars! Nice job!

  2. I just saw this after I posted my suggestion to sketch here for the next sketchcrawl. This sketch captures the scene so well!

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