Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Mast/White House, 1925-Lubbock, Texas

The Mast/White Home, 2301 Broadway, was orginially located at 2219 13th St. It was constructed in 1925 for C.S. Mast, a member of the original faculty at Texas Tech.

It was purchased by L.O. “Pop” and Ercil “Mom” White in 1948. The Whites, who were active in youth work, were instrumental in founding the Baptist Student Union for Tech students.

The home was acquired by First Baptist Church in 1978 and donated to the Lubbock Heritage Society for relocation. It was moved to its Broadway location in 1981.  

This sketch was done on location with Lamy Safari and Platinum Carbon Ink. Watercolor added later.

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