Friday, January 4, 2013

West Texas Wind Farm

On Nov. 10 at 10:21 a.m., wind gusts faster than 45 mph combined with a growing amount of wind turbines in the state to set a new record for the most wind power Texas has ever produced...about 26% of the demand.  This was enough to power about 4,000,000 homes.  The problem:  When the wind is calm they produce enough electricity to power zero homes!
Wind is a highly variable resource, however, and with proper understanding it can be readily incorporated as a part of the state's electric utility generation mix. This fact has already been recognized by Texas wind developers and electric utilities active in the state's nascent industry. The Panhandle, mountainous parts of West Texas, and perhaps even the lower Gulf Coast, contain areas with winds presently suitable for electric power generation. The number of commercially attractive sites will only expand as development costs continue to drop, wind turbine technology improves and government tax incentives exist.

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