Monday, February 18, 2013

Field of Cars in Fieldstore, Texas

This Saturday I had a free afternoon and decided to head over to LaGrange TX to the Quilt Museum for a sketch. I got a late start and by the time I got there I knew I would only have an hour and a half to sketch before it closed. But I headed out anyway - I thought the small town might have other sketching possibilities once the museum closed.

About 40 minutes from home, out in the countryside, I came across signs for a Car Show. Perfect, and much closer. I pulled into the field next to the local rodeo arena. I had to ask the owner of the first car I sketched what town I was in. Fieldstore.  The Car Show was part of a fund raising event for the local rural Fire Dept. They had an auction of baked goods, chili cook-off, and inflatable bouncy houses for the kids. The weather was bright but chilly and breezy. Here are a few of the cars on display. I forgot my stool so drew these standing up, they are a little shaky and make the cars look old and dilapidated. Which they certainly were not. Beautiful and shiny, and much pampered by their owners.

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