Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Rim With A View - The Residency


I've just received word from the National Park Service that I'll be spending two weeks in late May/early June as the winter Artist-in-Residence at Crater Lake National Park in Oregon. (If you're a flatlander like me you're probably reacting the same way I did when I received the call; "Winter? In May?" Yep, they tell me that I can expect 8 to 12 feet of snow on the ground when I arrive!)

In addition to studying and recording my own take on the natural history of the Park, I'll be working with the Park Service to visually communicate threats to this natural wonder (there are two: global warming, which threatens the lake itself; and Rust Blisters, a fungal infection which is expected to kill off 90% of the White Bark Pine -- the only tree species that will grow at this altitude).

And I'll be depicting the Park's architectural heritage -- the buildings of the CCC and USNFS eras (one of my favorite reasons to visit any national park or national forest in the country).

If you'd like to learn more about CLNP and my upcoming residency, I invite you to read my recent blog post. (

I may find it necessary to revisit the park in summer to see what the ground floor of some buildings look like.


  1. Congratulations Earnest; that's wonderful! Bring gloves!

    1. Thanks James.

      Yep, the Park Service has already sent me a recommended packing list, which includes "1 knit cap, 1 pair snow bibs... 3 pair waterproof snow gloves." (They provide snowshoes & skis.)

      This just might be my most challenging sketching adventure yet. :-D