Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Botanizing in (Urban) Texas

Urban Sketchers don't usually post flora but, hey!, it's springtime, and it's Texas. So, this time of year -- if it's not covered with concrete, blacktop, or water -- it's probably covered with wildflowers.

OK, here in Texas we've been under the influence of a drought for the past three years. So, the more showy wildflowers have been a bit scarce this year. (I didn't see any Bluebonnets at all this year.) But I have noticed far more tiny, drought-resistant species than I ever would have noticed in a year when we have had bumper crops of Indian Paintbrushes, Winecups, and Mexican Hats.

I wonder if these annoying "little darlin's" were the inspiration for high-top boots?

So, on a technicality (I remember something in the USK guidelines about being able to place one's location on a map, and our bird sanctuary ponds are on Google's Fort Worth map.) I thought I'd share a few images drawn from my un-paved corner of "urban" Texas.

boiled down Yellow Woodsorrel produces a bright orange dye/ink (and raw, 
it's good on salads) while Field Madder will provide a rosy red artist's color

(Of course, if this post is a bit too far afield to truly meet USK criteria I won't be the least bit offended if someone feels the need to pull it.)

Happy trails everyone (one sketch at a time)! ;-)

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