Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Long Weekend, Big Fun

The long Memorial Day weekend was full of big Texas fun at the C's lake house on Lake Livingston. Four families, plenty of food, sun, boating and action. A regular Slip N Slide wasn't big enough so they got a roll of heavy duty plastic rolled it down the sloping lawn and ran the hose on it. Because that wasn't slippery enough they added liquid dish soap. Wheeee! And the kids got a bath without realizing it. If you are familiar with the game of Jenga you might recognize the super-sized version here. The pieces are cut from 2x4s and as play progresses the stack gets to be about 6 feet tall. We had to keep the dogs from walking near it, if it came tumbling down on them it would do serious damage. Between fishing and cooking and riding the "tube" behind the ski boat I managed to get in a few pages of sketches. The C's even have a couple of prints of my sketches from my last visit hanging in the lake house. 


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