Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Bold and the Beautiful

The buildings here are a sketch done in Barcelona at the USK 4th Symposium in a workshop with the effervescent Lynn Chapman. The workshop title Sketches that Sing, in my case shout. The Cinderella Shoes are from a store front in the Gothic Quarter. The shop was a hot pink and zebra print explosion. And the shoes! They were nothing a reasonable woman would dare to wear on an uneven stone street.  Very "Fredrick's of Hollywood". Just a few steps away were two older gentlemen sitting on either side of the open doorway leading into a dimly lit, but intriguing looking entry hall. I approached to take a peek inside, it might be sketch-worthy after all. The only word they spoke that sounded vaguely familiar was "prohibo" and a wave of the hand. I took it to mean, "Keep moving lady, nothing here for you to see."

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