Monday, November 11, 2013

Renewing An Old Acquaintance (Sketching In Oils)

weighing in at just 2 lbs. full, my 6"x8" pochade is actually lighter than my "daily carry" 
bag(the tripod is another story, but only goes along when I want to work standing) 

Like many of us who have been swept up in the sketching renaissance, I've been joyfully preoccupied with pens, pens, watercolors, and sketchbooks of late -- in fact, for quite some time now. But there are other medium that can serve the on-site sketcher quite well. And, of late, I've been thinking of one of them: plein air oils.

the results are a refreshing, painterly alternative to the more linear work in my journals

So, with pochade box in hand (and sometimes in my lap, sometimes on a tripod) I've started venturing out to see what I can see. (For those who might be interested, there are more details, including a step-by-step demo, here.)


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  1. Great post, Earnest! Sketching in oils never occurred to are fearless!