Monday, January 27, 2014

USk - Austin WW SketchCrawl 42

    Love Balls food truck | uh?... happy motoring! (your mileage may vary!)
    created on iPad with Procreate and Wacom Intuos Creative (pressure sensitive) Stylus

A wonderful time was had by all at the WW SketchCrawl #42 as USk - Austin crawled around a couple of blocks in the heart of Austin's UT Campus urban area at the  the Spiderhouse Cafe and Ballroom and the original Trudy's Texas Star.  Sterling sketching weather met us at this sprawling indoor/outdoor cafe that is a warm, vibrant,  embodiment of the "Keep Austin Weird" spirit.    Good times, and free refills on tap! .... happy motoring!   Please be sure to join the fun at USk - Austin whenever you're in town!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

42nd Worldwide SketchCrawl in Fort Worth

Our Fort Worth/Dallas contingent of Urban Sketchers Texas will meet at 2:30pm in Sundance Square Plaza in downtown Fort Worth for Saturday's 42nd Worldwide SketchCrawl. The weather is supposed to be great...come on out!  It's an opportunity for creative people to meet each other, draw together, and share their sketches with each other and online.  These events are "global;" sketchers from around the world gather in their cities on the same day to participate and post their sketches online.  It’s a great way to spend an afternoon, make new friends and celebrate our city!

What are the rules?
1.  There are no rules.
2.  Anyone can participate, be it to draw for 20 minutes or the full scheduled time.
3.  Any level of ability is welcome, from veteran artists to first time sketchers.
4.  Bring your own sketching gear. 
5.  Kids under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

We will meet in the plaza where Main St. intersects Fourth St.  Anyone who wishes to participate is welcome!  We will chat briefly, then disperse to sketch the visual treasures of Downtown Fort Worth.  We’ll reconvene at the plaza at 4:30pm to share sketchbooks and for a group photo, then adjourn for downtown fun on your own. Downtown on-street parking is free on weekends.  More information at

Questions?  Contact Urban Sketchers Texas through

Kimbell Art Museum Expansion in Fort Worth

I was asked by the Fort Worth Business Press to write and illustrate an analysis of the newly completed expansion of the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth.  The expansion takes the form of a new building by Italian architect Renzo Piano, which faces the original building by legendary architect Louis Kahn across a beautiful formal green in the larger context of Fort Worth's Cultural District.  The original Kahn building is widely considered one of the greatest buildings of the 20th century.  It is heavy and muscular, at once feeling ancient and modern.  Piano's new building, while roughly the same proportions as the Kahn building, has a lightness and transparency that acts as both counterpoint and complement to the Kahn.  It's well worth a visit to Fort Worth to revisit the Kimbell, and check out this new addition to the city's architectural legacy.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

New Years - New App

Although I didn't capture anyone smiling or laughing my husband and son and our neighbors  had a super New Years Eve at their lake house. It was a constant round of gaming and eating and shooting fireworks out over the water. Here we are playing a game. Plus circling up around the firepit outside and enjoying a beautiful chilly night. The photo shows the sunset and the day after New Years the wind whipped up a completely different view. I downloaded an scanner app for my phone and took this picture of my sketchbook. It worked pretty well. If it weren't for having to scan pages, I would certain post more.