Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Trip to the Houston Livestock Show

They've just extended the rail line within blocks of my house, so I decided to ride the rail down to the livestock show and save the traffic and parking hassle.
It also gave me the chance to draw while I rode. Already I like this plan.

The main thing with drawing in the livestock show is avoiding the hordes of small kids on school trips to see the animals. Of course it's also spring break so there were families there as well. And everyone wanted to watch the chicks hatch. The chicks and the toddlers were equally excitable and hard to capture but I got a few good ones.
And a nice lady captured ME trying to sketch the chicks. The biggest ones were about ten weeks, the little guy by the egg on the far right was born this morning.
I always love a trip to the birthing center to see the new lambs. Mostly the sheep hate the crowds, but  this mom seemed very Zen about the whole thing. 
And I also love looking in on the pigs. This Red Duroc was out cold. Yes, that's his tongue lolling out of his mouth.

There's a lot to draw just at the livestock show: the carnival, the food venues, the booths the judging rings. You could go back every day and never capture it all. A relaxing train trip home made it a great day.


  1. I was at the livestock show / rodeo on Sunday -- parking WAS a hassle! Great sketches!

  2. Congrats on drawing in the hustle and bustle of the livestock show.