Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sketchin' at the Carwash...

After a surprisingly wet winter here in The Woodlands (suburb north of Houston) the sun is shining and my errands bring me near the local carwash. I received some coupons for free car washes for Christmas and am just now getting to use them. Basically my theory is that coating of dirt on my vehicle is like the hard protective shell that protects the finish of my car. Surely underneath all the dirt is a beautiful shiny finish. It is really my desire to have a clean interior that makes me pull in and get in line to get my car washed for the first time in months and months.
Using my new  sketchbook: Kunst & Papier A5quer No. 110614 with a horizontal format.


  1. Where did you get the new sketchbook? Like the sketch.

    1. I got one of these in the mail a few months ago. I don't know why or from who. Mystery. Anyway the one I got has great paper and takes watercolor well. So I ordered 2 more from address on the sticker on the inside cover. The ones that arrived had different paper - not as thick and not for wet media. I contacted them, the one I prefer doesn't show on their website but they do have it and I am waiting on the correct paper to arrive. It is from Kunst & Papier www.kunst-papier.com, Janus A5quer No 180600 - 150g. 112 Pages - Size Approx 8x6. It is not watercolor paper, smoother, and takes light wash not drenching.