Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring at the McGovern Centennial Garden and Other Recent Sketch Outings

I have been remiss in posting and remiss in sketching because I have been consumed with my printmaking activities. However, I did make two sketch outings recently. First I went to the Houston Livestock Show and spent a morning sketching animals. I always enjoy the trip. This is "Dude" was a grand prize winning steer. He had a beautiful creamy coat that a mere pencil sketch would never do justice to. It was almost a palomino-type mottled with brown spots. He is, I'm told, most likely destined to be a lawn ornament on someone's ranch. Good. He is a beautiful animal.

Yesterday was a group sketchout to the McGovern Centennial Garden in Hermann Park. This is the pagoda given to the city by Taipei. It is one a few elements of the old garden that remain. It looks much more attractive in the context of the new garden surrounded by shrubs and pine. The weather was glorious and the garden was full of families exploring this very new space.

Of course there's always one person who sits facing a lovely view on a perfect day and instead stares at their phone.

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