Friday, May 8, 2015

Road trip to Montgomery, AL

Last week we took a little road trip across the south to Montgomery, Alabama. Sketching in the car gives my line work a certain shakey character that makes me have to forget about details. I can't resist keeping count of the Waffle Houses along the way - 11 counted while i was passenger another 16 not recorded because I was at the wheel. We went to Montgomery to go to Southern Makers, a festival live music, and makers of textiles, food, craft beer, broom maker, boat maker, soap makers & of course moonshine makers. Great fun and real high quality products created by artisans from across the south. The setting was a large train shed along the railroad tracks with trains pulling through every hour or so, perfect addition to the sound track of the day.

Chef Leo and Chef Miguel gave a demonstration of how to prepare lion fish ceviche. The lion fish is an invasive species really reaking havoc on the Gulf habitat. So how better to get rid of them than cooking them. 

At Railhead Brewery Saturday night, I forgot to pick up a Y'ALL tshirt.
Your Alabama Light Lager dratz. After the fish cooking demo of course I had to eat me some fish tacos! Not lion fish though:(

From my seat on a haybale I captured the CedarRock Bluegrass Band. Pickin' and a grinnin'. A couple of folks came by to ask about sketchbooking.
Sketching in a new Monologue sketchbook, the paper is good for mixed media, but you can't work on both sides of the sheet without see-thru, it does not lay very flat at all especially for placing face down on the scanner. Muji jell pen black, Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils.