Saturday, March 19, 2016

Back to the Rodeo

Yesterday was the official sketch out for urban sketchers in Houston. Carolyn and I wandered around the Reliant Hall livestock exhibit first. Then we wandered out into the carnival, which had not only amazing rides, but equally amazing foods. Deep-fried Nutella, anyone?

I have never been over to the Reliant Arena where the horse competitions are held. Carolyn was interested in the llama and alpaca exhibit. The center animal, who looks like a dissipated rock star, is an alpaca. He barely registered my presence. The animal on the lower left is a llama. These animals are very alert, curious and responsive. Most exhibit animals ignore the viewers. This one followed every move I made. Llamas aren't know to be particularly friendly, but they are apparently pretty smart. One of the events is an obstacle course for llamas. Think a combination of the horse jumping and the dog agility trials. The young people showing the animals take this very seriously.

This is the last weekend of the rodeo, so that's it for another year.

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